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How to disable notification badges on Galaxy Note 8

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Galaxy Note 8 launched with cool features and one of them is notification badges. This Notification badges feature helpful to find unread notifications of app in your Note 8 device. This is the same work as latest android Oreo’s notification dots feature. You can see notification badge on app icons if not read. Let see complete guide to hide or disable notification badges on Galaxy Note 8.

This Notification badge looks every time when you open apps menu in your device. You can individually hide notification badge on galaxy Note 8 such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messages etc. There are two ways to clear notification badge of apps in galaxy Note 8, one is temporary and another is permanent. Follow below given step by step guide to disable notification badges on Galaxy Note 8.

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How to disable notification badges on Galaxy Note 8

Disable notification badges on Galaxy Note 8


Check out below given two methods to hide notification badge on Samsung galaxy Note 8 device.

1st Method: How to clear unread notifications badges on galaxy Note 8 (Temporary)

Step 1: Long press on app icon

Step 2: Tap clear badge

Now it will remove the notification from the app icon until receive another app notifications in your galaxy Note 8 devices. This is the temporary solutions to hide notification badge from app icons.

2nd Method: Disable notification badges on Galaxy Note 8 (Permanent)

To disable notification badge from app icons on galaxy Note 8, first of all download package disable pro application (Paid app) from Google Play store.

Before use package disable pro app in your Note 8, make sure clear notification badge of all app icons. After cleared icon badges, follow below given steps.

Step 1: Open Package disable pro app

Step 2: Enter password in text field & tap Enable admin

Step 3: Tap active

You will see list of packages on your Note 8 screen.

Step 4: Scroll down until see the BadgeProvider and then check the box

Step 5: Now exit the app

Now you can’t see any notification badge on any apps icons when received any notifications in your device. If you want back again notification badge, uncheck the box or uninstall the app from your device.

And that’s all. Do you still have any problem to disable notification badges on Galaxy Note 8? Tell us in below comment box. We will respond as soon as possible. Don’t miss our single Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tips.

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