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How to customize LG V30 home screen settings

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Here’s the list of top best tips of LG V30 home screen settings and how to customize it. In LG V30 home screen settings, you can see several sections including General, Style, Layout and tips. You can change screen swipe effect, wallpaper motion, change theme and icon shape on LG V30, left home screen and more settings.

You can add apps to home screen to show apps on different screen also if you want in your LG V30 device. Also use Nova launcher on LG V30 to customize your device home screen & lock screen. Check out below given top best tips and tricks to customize LG V30 home screen settings.

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How to customize LG V30 home screen settings

How to customize LG V30 home screen settings

Step 1: Tap & hold the blank space on home screen wallpaper

Step 2: Tap on home screen settings

Here you can see three main sections (Total 4 sections) in home screen settings of LG V30 device. Let see one by one detail of all sections.

  1. General section

In this setting, you can select home screen apps list from below given options.

Home: Shows all apps on the home screen

Home with separate apps list: Show apps on a separate screen from the home screen

EasyHome: Shows a simple layout with a large font size

Nova Launcher:     

  1. Style Section

Here you can see five LG V30 style settings for wallpaper, theme and icon shape. This is one of the most useful LG V30 home screen settings you should know.

Wallpaper: Set wallpaper on your device

Wallpaper motion: Turn on/turn off wallpaper motion on LG V30

Screen swipe effect: By default screen swipe effect set as slide. You can choose from Breeze/Panorama/Carousel options.

Theme: Change light or dark theme on LG V30 to set light or black wallpaper in your device. You can select from high contrast/lightwave/signature/black or silver.

Icon shape: Change icon shape on LG V30 device. Choose from Rounded, Square, Squircle and Teardrop.

  1. Layout section

Left home screen: By default set none as left home screen settings. Choose smart bulletin to set it on your LG V30 left home screen.

Also enable loop home screen and loop apps list in your LG V30 devices.  

Do you have any other LG V30 home screen setting tips? What are your favorite LG V30 features? Let us know in below comment section. Don’t forget to check out our other LG V30 articles.

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