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How to create and manage event on moto g4 plus

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Add, create and manage event on Moto G4 plus device is easy. You can create & manage calendar events, control notifications for calendar events and more in your android phone. In calendar event, track upcoming events and set automatic reminders on your phone with your calendar. All your events save on Google at one place, which is secure, synced and easily accessible from any computer or laptop device.

It’s simple to review, create and control notifications for events on your Moto G4 plus (Android 7.0 Nougat) and other android nougat devices. You will see calendar events in your phone status bar that alert for upcoming event. If you created multiple calendars, control events to sync with your phone within your Google account. Also Follow below given steps to create and manage event on Moto G4 plus.

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How to Add, create and manage event on Moto G4 plus / Moto G3

Set event schedule on moto g4 plus

Set calendar event schedule as day, 3 day, week or month. You can add new events, search calendar and read or edit event details.

Create events on Moto G4 plus

Step 1: Tap on “App drawer” from home screen

Step 2: Open “Calendar app”

You can see below screen on your phone.

Tap plus icon to add event details on moto G4 plus

Step 3: Tap on “+“ icon from below right side corner

Tap on Event icon in moto G4 plus

Step 4: Touch “Event

Enter event details on moto g4 plus phone

Now enter title, people, times, places and more to create and manage calendar event on your Moto G4 plus. You can also add location to get directions, contact info, add note, add attachment and more.

create and manage event on moto g4 plus

Step 5: Tap on “Save

Now see created event on your phone.

Edit or delete event on Moto G4 plus

Step 1: Tap on created event want to delete

Edit event on moto G4 plus phone

Step 2: To edit, touch “pencil icon”

Tap more to delete created event on android phone

Step 3: To delete, touch “more” icon from top right side corner

delete event on moto G4 plus device

Step 4: Tap on “delete

You can see message: Delete this event?

Step 5: Tap on “OK

Control which events are shown or hide

Step 1: Touch three horizontal line

Step 2: Beneath account name & tap on “events

You can view list of all calendar events.

Step 3: Touch name of each calendar to hide

Set calendar event notification on moto G4 plus

If you want a reminder sent to your status bar, Add another notifications and select how long before the event you want a reminder. That’s it.

I hope you will enjoy above article to create and manage event on Moto g4 plus and other devices. If you have any kind of trouble, please let us know below comment box.

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