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Chrome bookmarks not syncing: How to fix

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Google Chrome sync not working on your Windows 10 / 8 or Android device. Using this Chrome sync feature, easily sync data between your devices which search the chrome browser. It synchronizes all your browsing history, bookmarks, password and other settings. If in your android phone or desktop browsing data aren’t syncing properly, you need to apply this article how to fix Chrome bookmarks not syncing errors using chrome settings.

If you want to sync your data, signed in to your Google Chrome different device and select which data sync between your phone & windows PC. You can also sharing chrome with another person and sync information directly instead of switching sync accounts. Try below given troubleshooting steps of how to fix Chrome bookmarks not syncing issues.

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How to fix Google Chrome bookmarks not syncing on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 or Android phone

Step 1: Open “Google Chrome browser” in your Windows desktop

Tap on more Chrome browser in PC

Step 2: Tap on “Three vertical dots” from top of the right side corner

You can see below screen on your browser.

Settings on chrome browser

Step 3: Click “Settings

Two option view on screen.

Disconnect your Google account with Chrome browser

Step 4: Click on “Disconnect your Google account

You can view below screen. If you want to clear all history, bookmarks, settings and other chrome data then tick mark the checkbox.

Chrome bookmarks not syncing

Step 5: Tap on “Sign Out

Step 6: Again open chrome browser & sign in to chrome in Windows 7 / 8 /10

Solve Google chrome bookmarks not syncing on android phone

Step 1: Open “Chrome app” on your devise

Step 2: Tap on “Three vertical dots” from top of the right side corner

Step 3: Touch “Settings

Tap on your Chrome account name

Step 4: Tap on your account name

Step 5: Click on “Sync

In this settings, you can manage which type of data, you can sync with your devices.

Sync Chrome data on android phone

Step 6: Tap on “Sign out of Chrome

You can see message of: Sign out of Chrome? It means your sync data and other settings will no longer connected with your Google Account. But your existing data will remain stored in your Google account.

Sign out from Chrome browser

Step 7: Touch on “Sign out

Step 8: Again open Chrome app and sign in with your account

I hope above given steps how to fix your Chrome bookmarks not syncing error in your Windows 10 or android device. If you have any kind of trouble when implement, let us know on below comment box. Stay connects with us for daily updates.

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