How to use Google lens on android Oreo

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Recently updated Google app in my Google Pixel Oreo device and now when open Photo in my Pixel Oreo 8.0 device, I will see Google lens icon at bottom of the page. Now you’ll use Google lens on android Oreo device inside the Google Photos app. According to XDA developers “Google lens now rolling out to the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL”.

If you have a Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices, open Google photo app and check enable Google lens on your device or not. This Google lens feature will scan your photo from your device and find visually similar web page in your device with additional information. Google lens built into Google photos and Google assistant. Let see how to use Google lens on android Oreo 8.0 devices such as Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL etc.

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How to use Google lens on android Oreo 8.1 / 8.0

Google lens will useful to identify photo you selected, scan documents and find related mobile number, email address, Business card, Book review and more.

Step 1: Open Google Photos app in your Google Pixel and other supported Google lens device

Here you’ll see Assistant, Photos, albums and sharing options.

Step 2: Tap any photo want to use Google lens

Use Google lens on android Oreo 8.1

Step 3: Tap Google lens icon at bottom side (Show above screenshot)

One thing you remember before use Google lens on android Oreo 8.1 is internet connection is need.

Enable Google lens in android Oreo 8.1 device

You can see photo details such as when taken, time, also add to calendar, copy text, share and also search image on Google.

Your Google lens activity is saved to your Google account if you have web & app activity enabled in your device.

Delete Google lens activity in your Google Pixel:

Delete Google lens activity in your Pixel 2

My activity > Select photo > More > Item view > delete

When not identify photo by Google lens, you’ll see message of not seeing this clearly yet in your android devices.

And that’s all. I hope this little tip helpful to use Google lens on android Oreo 8.1 devices. Is your Google Pixel phone got Google lens update? Let us know by leaving comment below. Don’t miss our single android Oreo 8.0 tips.

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