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OnePlus 6T Camera Settings

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Check out this list of best OnePlus 6T camera tips and tricks. In OnePlus 6T camera settings, you can see Portrait, Night, Pro mode, Time-lapse, Panorama and Slow motion video mode. OnePlus 6T added new Night scene feature to take better photo in low light conditions.

OnePlus 6T device launched with in-display fingerprint, waterdrop notch, 16 MP + 20 MP camera, 3700 mAh battery and more features. Using this best OnePlus 6T camera settings, you can manual control HDR, quickly launch camera using power button, shot on OnePlus watermark, smile capture and more settings. Check this best OnePlus 6T camera tips and tricks.

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7 best OnePlus 6T camera settings

OnePlus 6T Camera Settings

You can change OnePlus 6T camera settings using below given settings in your device.

Step 1: Open camera app in your OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS

By default set photo mode in your device.

Step 2: Swipe right side to switch camera mode OnePlus 6T

Step 3: To open camera settings, swipe up screen from bottom to up

You can see list of OnePlus 6T camera mode settings including video, Portrait, Night, Pro, Panorama, Slow motion and more.

Step 4: Tap Settings gear icon

Below given section available in your OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS.


Store location data

Turn on toggle store location data in your device.

Shutter sound

Turn on shutter sound in OnePlus 6T if you want to make sound when take photos in your device.

Quick capture

Instantly take a photo after launching camera by double tap power button.


Change grid size in OnePlus 6T. By default set 3×3. Choose from list you want to set camera grid size None / 3×3 / 4×4 / Golden ration.

Manual HDR control

By default HDR in on auto mode. You can manually enable HDR control in OnePlus 6T using this settings.

Auto night scene detection

When turn on Night scene detection, it will automatically turn on when night scene is detected in your OnePlus 6T Pie 9.0.

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Shot on OnePlus Watermark

Watermark will be applied to photos taken by rear camera, Portrait and Pro mode. Enable shot on OnePlus watermark in OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS.


Smile capture

When enable smile capture, it will automatically take photo when smiles are detected.

Invert photo

Turn on toggle invert photo to use this feature in your OnePlus 6T.


You can use Portrait mode in OnePlus 6T to save both photos with and without depth of field enhancement effects.

Pro Mode

In OnePlus 6T Pro mode settings, you can turn on Histogram and horizontal reference line settings in your phone.

And that’s it. I hope this tutorial is useful to check best OnePlus 6T camera settings. If we missed any important OnePlus 6T camera tips and tricks, share with us in below comment box.

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