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How to Fix Google Pixel Microphone Issue

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Google has confirmed that some of the Pixel and Pixel XL phones are microphone problems. This Google Pixel microphone issue is hardware-related, so you can’t solve it using settings. Also, the Google Pixel audio issue & Bluetooth issue problem occurs. Some of the user facing microphones stopped working on Pixel after few days. Also, can’t recording video on Pixel phone. You can try to make a phone call to voicemail and turning speakerphone on or off to fix it. Wait until get the next software update that should fix microphone issue on Pixel XL. You can fix it to replace your Pixel device with a new one if none of the methods solved your issue.

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How to Fix Microphone Issue on Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Fix microphone issue on Google Pixel XL phone

Google employee Brain Rakowski already said the company is aware of this pixel microphone issue and not fix it to software updates your pixel device. Also says Google will replace any pixel device that facing this issue. Multiple users have reported loud volumes the speaker gets scratchy so audio problems in pixel phone also. Google confirmed this Android 7.1.2 update fix Google pixel audio issues.

The most common problem is a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec,” said Google employee Brain Rakowski. That will affect all three mics and not record any voice using the main mic in your Pixel and Pixel XL phone. Also, a faulty microphone causing problem. For frustrated owners, the company is handling the problem. Google will replace your device and ship your phone immediately. You can also try to contact the phone dealer to replace your Google Pixel device.

Google said that those Pixel phones manufactured since January should be fine. It’s possible to some replacement phones not properly updated, so a chance to your replacement Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone will have the same microphone problem or other audio related issues. If found any problem, immediately replace your pixel devices.

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