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How to Fix Google Pixel Lens Blur Issues

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Facing the issue of blurry pictures on Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone? Here’s how to fix Google pixel lens blur issue. A system software update is a way to solve the Google Pixel and Pixel XL lens flare problem. You can fix blurry videos on Google Pixel, to disable video stabilization on Google Pixel. You can see the lens blur option in your Google camera app. In blur photos or videos, you can’t view it correctly. A camera is one of the best features of Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices.

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How to Fix Google Pixel Lens Blur Issues

fix Google Pixel lense blur issue

If your Google Pixel and Pixel XL device have taken photos or videos are blurry, try below given possible solutions.

Clean Camera’s Lens & Laser

If the issue of blurry pictures on Google Pixel and Pixel XL, using clean cloth, clean the Google pixel camera lens and a laser sensor. After a clean lens, try to capture photos and see fix camera issues or not. If not fix, try the below-given method.

Check Software Updates to Fix Google Pixel Lens Blur Issue

Check any system software updates available on your device. It may be fix your Pixel camera blurry picture issue. You can update system software on Google Pixel using below settings.

Check software update on Google pixel device

Settings > System > Advanced > System updates > Check for update

This software update fixes small critical bugs and improves Pixel performance.

Check For Apps Update

After update software on Google pixel, check any apps update available on Google play store using below settings in your Google Pixel devices.

Update apps and games on Google pixel phone

Open the Play Store > Menu at the top left corner > My apps & games > Update all

Disable Video Stabilization on Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Step 1: Open the camera app on your Google Pixel & Pixel XL.

Step 2: Swipe down on the camera screen to go to the camera settings.

Step 3: Tap on the Settings icon.

You can view enable video stabilization under the video section in camera settings of Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone.

Turn off video stabilisation on Google pixel and pixel XL

Step 3: Toggle off “Video stabilization” under the video section.

Now take photos or video and check fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL lens flare issue.

Did these solutions fix Google Pixel lens blur issue on your device? Do let us know which method worked for you? Please share the article if you found it helpful. Stay connected with us for latest Google Pixel and Pixel XL tips.

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