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How to turn on captions android Nougat

Want to turn on captions android phone or tablet device? You can enable captions for all videos or apps on your device. By default turn off captions in android nougat 7.0 and other devices. To change settings of captions, open accessibility settings in your device. This caption setting in android device includes two options, one is standard and another is custom.

Captions are one type of accessibility services that contains settings of language, text size and caption style for text and background for close captioning in android. Some of the android apps on your device screen might change its position. Add subtitle to a movie on android phone also. Check out this article to turn on captions android phone or tablet.

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Step by step guide of how to turn on captions android phone or tablet

Step 1: Go to “Settings

Step 2: Under System section, tap “Accessibility

You can see services, system and display sections in android nougat 7.0, marshmallow and other device.

Captions under accessibility settings in 7.0 nougat


Step 3:  Tap “Captions” under system section

Turn off captions in android nougat phone

By default disable captions on android phone or tablet device.

turn on captions android phone

Step 4: Turn on captions android device

After enable captions on android, you can see standard options and custom options settings in android device.

  1. Standard options:

Language: Choose your favorite language from list

Text size: By default set text size as normal. Also choose from very small / small / large / very large

Change caption style in YouTube android

Caption style: You can see six different caption styles in moto G4 plus (Android nougat 7.0) device such as yellow on black, yellow on blue, black on white, white on black and more.

  1. Custom options:

Font family: Choose font family from given list

Text color: Change caption text color from list

Change text opacity in YouTube app android device

Text opacity: By default set 100% in your android device

Edge type: You can select from outline, drop shadow, raised and depressed.

Background color: Set background color from given list

Background opacity: Set 100% opacity

Caption window color: Choose your favorite color from list

Other hide options in custom caption are caption window opacity and edge color in android 7.0 nougat and other device. It’s easy to use or turn on captions android nougat 7.0 & 7.1, marshmallow 6.0 and lollipop 5.1.1 device.

How to adjust caption settings on YouTube or Change YouTube caption text size & text color:

Step 1: Open “YouTube” app in android phone

Touch profile icon in youtube app android

Step 2: Tap “More” from top right side corner

Step 3: Touch “Settings

Tap captions in YouTube app settings

Step 4: Tap “Captions

By default turn off caption YouTube video in android device.

Step 5: Turn on captions in YouTube

Now change YouTube video caption font size and font color. Also change YouTube video captions language, caption style, background color, text opacity, subtitle font size and more.

That’s all about how to use caption on android device & YouTube app. I hope this article help to turn on captions android phone. Please share this tips if you found it helpful. For more such useful tips, stay connected with us via Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.

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