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How to Clear App Cache Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Do you want to clear cache for all apps on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2/Galaxy Z Fold3 5G? Here’s how to clear app cache Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. You can individually clear cache for a specific app on your Samsung device. This clear the app cache will temporarily delete app data. …

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How to Use Split Screen on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Do you want to multitask on Samsung Z Fold2 5G? Here’s how to use split screen on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G. You can open apps in split screen view (Multi-Window mode) to use two apps at the same time like a chat on messages and playing videos on YouTube …

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How to Enter Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Do you want to put your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 into recovery mode? Here’s how to enter recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. When you boot your Samsung into recovery mode, you can see different options like reboot system now, reboot to bootloader, enter fastboot, Wipe data/factory reset, Wipe …

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How to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

By default turned off or hidden developer mode in your Samsung Z Fold2. Here’s how to enable developer options on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G. Developer mode settings hide important features like USB debugging, OEM unlocking, auto-update system, debug app, logger buffer size, running services, and more. You can activate …

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