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How to Hard Reset in OnePlus 9 Pro

Here’s how to hard reset (Wipe data) in OnePlus 9 Pro/OnePlus 9 using recovery mode settings. When you perform a hard reset or factory reset OnePlus 9 Pro, it will remove all data from your device like Google account, apps, photos, videos, and more. You need to apply this reset …

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How to Reset Network Settings in OnePlus 9 Pro

Do you want to reset network settings to default? Here’s how to reset network settings on OnePlus 9 Pro/OnePlus 9. You can fix mobile data or wifi issues in OnePlus 9 Pro to reset all network settings. Also, solve the internet not working problem in your device. When you reset …

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How to Factory Reset OnePlus 9 Pro

Do you want to reset your OnePlus 9 Pro? Here’s how to factory reset (Hard Reset) OnePlus 9 Pro/OnePlus 9/OnePlus 9R. Factory reset will delete everything from your phone including downloaded apps, photos, videos, personal data, contacts, and more. Before performing a factory reset, make sure to backup and restore …

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How to Take a Screenshot in OnePlus 9 Pro

Here’s the list of different methods to take a screenshot in OnePlus 9 Pro/OnePlus 9. My favorite method is three finger screenshot. You can capture screenshots for the webpage or images you want to download or view on your OnePlus devices. Also, capture scrolling screenshots (Multiple screenshots) to capture more …

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