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How to fix Instagram error 504

Instagram error 504

Fix Google play store error 504 when app install & update on your android phone or tablet device. Instagram error 504 when installing app, you can show message of can’t install app and seen error code 504 on screen. This 504 error code is gateway error that occurs because of …

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How to disable app purchases android phone

Enable / disable app purchases android phone or tablet. You can purchase apps, games, movies from Google play store on your android lollipop (5.1.1) and marshmallow (android 6.0) device. For all purchase through Google play on your device, you must require authentications for purchases. This authentication is always required for …

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How to add payment method android phone

Would you add payment method android phone or tablet devices? You can use Google play store to add, remove, edit and change payment method on your android device while purchasing any apps or games. Using this payment method of Google play store, you can purchase your favourite games, apps and …

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