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How to Use Full Screen Apps in OnePlus 6T

How to use full screen apps in OnePlus 6T

Want to run apps in full screen mode in OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS? By default set default mode or full screen mode in all apps on your device. You can change which app shows the full screen in your OnePlus. Let see the process to make apps full screen in …

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How to Make Apps Full Screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How to use full screen apps on Galaxy Note 9

Here’s how to enable and turn off full screen mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. You can individually choose which apps you want to see in the full screens aspect ratio. Not all apps supported full-screen mode on Samsung note 9. You can enable and use full-screen apps on …

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Fix Galaxy Note 8 Full Screen Apps Issue

How to fix galaxy note 8 full screen apps not working

Full-screen apps feature is useful to open apps in full screen in your Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. You’ll easily view full-screen apps on galaxy Note 8 using display settings. Not all apps supported this feature. Several users facing the issue of Samsung Galaxy note 8 full-screen …

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