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How to Use Screen Time on Android 9 Pie

How to use screen time on android 9 Pie

Here’s how to set app time limit and use screen time on android 9 Pie. This Android Pie screen time feature is useful to check how many times you spend on particular apps on your devices. Also, check how many notifications you received for a specific app, how many times …

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Best Android 9 Pie Features

Top 5 best android Pie 9 features

Let see the top best Android Pie 9 features. There are several new features added to Android 9 Pie including Adaptive Battery, Adaptive brightness, Navigation gestures, App actions, lockdown, Display cutout (Notch), Notification updates, Slices, Smart reply, Wi-Fi RTT, multi-camera support, Do not disturb and more. If you have a …

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How to Use Gestures in Android Pie 9.0

How to use Android P Gestures

Here’s how to turn on and use gestures in Android 9 Pie. Android 9 Gestures include Swipe fingerprint for notifications, jump to camera, flip camera, swipe up on home button (Navigation gesture), double-tap to check phone, lift to check phone, and prevent ringing. Also, find gestures under talkback and camera …

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How to Use Adaptive Battery in Android Pie 9.0

How to use adaptive battery in android P 9.0

By default turned on adaptive battery in Android Pie 9.0 devices. This Android Pie adaptive battery feature is useful for limiting battery usage by app’s background activity. It’ll automatically restrict apps that have been using the battery in the background. When you restrict the app, the app may not work …

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