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Best android P features you should know

Best android P features

Android P comes with several new features such as simulate a display with cutout/Notch, Adaptive brightness, swipe up on home screen gesture for navigation control, Adaptive battery, Volume slider, screenshot editor, easily manage notifications, weather info in Ambient display, lock down and more. Recently completed Google I/O 2018 event introduce …

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Weather not showing in android P lock screen: How to fix

Weather not showing in android P lock screen

Recently download and install android P Beta on my Google Pixel devices. In my Google Pixel 9.0, we see several new android P features such as Gesture navigation controls, Adaptive battery, Ambient display, Restrict background apps, Lockdown and more. In my Google Pixel, weather not showing in android P lock …

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How to Use Ambient Display in Android 9.0 Pie

How to use ambient display in android P 9.0

Here’s how to turn on and use ambient display in Android Pie 9.0. When enabling Ambient display, it will wake up the screen whenever you receive new notifications in your devices. You can see double-tap to check phone and lift to check phone option to quickly show notifications on the …

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How to use OnePlus 5 ambient display feature

Disable OnePlus 5 ambient display feature

OnePlus 5 Ambient display feature is useful to see lock screen notifications on your device. When you’ll get any notifications on your OnePlus 5/5T device, it will automatically wake up screen and you can see message notifications. By default enable ambient display on your OnePlus 5 and other devices. Also …

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