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Screen Protector for Pixel Watch

Last Updated on February 1, 2023 by Bestusefultips

In this article, you will find a screen protector for Pixel watch. Pixel watch has a large dome-like touchscreen with no guard around it. Moreover, it also has curved glass around its edges. While Pixel’s corning gorilla glass 5 is tough and scratch resistant, it is always better to protect your watch against silly and accidental damage. For that, you can buy screen protectors; most of these are TPU films due to Pixel’s curved glass, but they function just fine. So do you want to purchase a Pixel watch cover with a screen protector?

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Best Pixel Watch Screen Protector 2023

You can use third-party Pixel watch protective cases, screen protectors, or other accessories of top brands like Armorsuit, SpectreShield, RinoGear, Zagg Pixel watch screen protector, Flokinice, etc. Check out the below-given Pixel smart watch screen protector.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Clear Flim

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Clear Flim

Best Pixel watch screen protector available on amazon. It is made in the USA using thin and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane material. It protects against scratches; it is self-healing even with the anti-yellowing feature.

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EGV TPU Film Best Pixel Watch Protector 2023

EGV TPU Film Best Pixel Watch Protector

As the Pixel watch has a curved touchscreen border, it is hard to use tempered glass, so you get EGV TPU film, which is very thin yet protects against scratches and shock absorption. It has 98% high transparency, so there won’t be any screen quality loss.

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Flokinice Best Google Pixel Watch Screen Protector

Flokinice Best Pixel Watch Screen Protector

Flokinice provides 3 tempered glass screen protectors despite Pixel’s curved glass. This glass is 9H tempered glass, which offers excellent protection against shock and is relatively scratch resistant. You will have to use UV light using the installation kit, which comes in the pack.

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SpectreShield Screen Protector for Pixel Watch

SpectreShield Screen Protector for Pixel watch

Supershieldz is a trusted manufactured screen protection market. You will get 8 TPU screen protectors with self-healing properties. These are very easy to install and leave no bubbles. They also don’t reduce touch sensitivity and transparency.

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Supershieldz Screen Protector

Supershieldz Screen Protector for Pixel Watch

In this pack, you will get 3 high-quality TPU films. These films ensure maximum transparency while maintaining real touch sensitivity. It will protect against general daily scratches and nicks. After removal, they won’t leave a residue either. 

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YMHML TPU Google Pixel Watch Screen Protector

YMHML TPU Google Pixel Watch Screen Protector

You will get 6 high-quality TPU screen protectors. These are anti-scratch military-grade soft TPUs with self-healing properties and oleophobic coating. These are thin enough that they won’t affect touch sensitivity and will provide 99.99% light transmittance.

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RinoGear Screen Protector

RinoGear Screen Protector for Google Pixel Watch

RinoGear provides 8 TPU screen protectors. These films have anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant properties. Films are skinny and will give a glass-like glossy surface with 100% touchscreen functionality.

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And that’s all. Which of the Pixel watch screen protectors did you like? Tell us in the comments below. Stay and connect with us for the latest updates.

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