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Most Popular Android Adventure games 2016

Here you can get most popular Adventure games 2019 for Android smart phone and tablet. These all Adventure Android games have attractive and elegant graphics including the walking dead, Badland, Criminal Case, Sniper 3D Assassin, Hungry Shark evolution etc. There are various free adventure android games in the Google Play store but below you can get most used and Popular Android Adventure games 2019.

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Top Popular Android Adventure games 2019 / Adventure Android games 2019

Swordigo Android Adventure Games



This Adventure game for Android is related with swords against a plethora of enemies. In this Android game you can find powerful weapons, items and spells and defeat your enemies. This is #1 popular Android Adventures game 2019 in the US and other countries. This Adventure Android game is also available for Android Tablet.

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The Walking Dead Android Adventure Game

The Walking Dead Android adventure games 2019

This Adventure Android game story related with an undead peoples who devastated the world. This popular Android Adventures game is a five part but here only first session available. In this Android games we survivors stopping at own safety and save orphaned girl. This Android game for Adventure is one of the most horrible Android games.

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Haunted House Android Adventurre Game

Haunted House Escape Adventure

This best Android game 2019 contains the story of cruel viceroy and beautiful lady who losing her family. In this Android game for Adventure includes scary atmosphere puzzles, solve cranky twists and unique puzzle in mysterious rooms. This Adventure Android game is most challenging and frightening Android game. Using this best popular Android Adventure game you can test your mental ability and monitoring skills.

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Badland Android Adventure Game


Badland is one of the most stunning and atmospheric graphics Android games. This award winning Adventure Android game contains story of forest dwellers to find out what’s wrong and discover chattel and obstacle on the way. This popular Android Adventure game has endless and immersive gaming experience.

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Criminal Case Android Adventure Game

Criminal Case

This popular Android Adventure game 2019 related with investigates crime scenes, murder cases and discovers all murder history information to find hidden objects. You can also play this Adventure Android game with your friends. This Android Adventure game is #1 hidden obstacles Android game ever.

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Murder Manor Android Adventure Game

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

This Adventure Android game is related with murder history. You can find the obstacles and solve random puzzles & riddles to solve this mysterious murder. This Adventure Escape Murder Manor free Android game is popular Android Adventure game 2019.

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Sniper 3D Assassain Android Adventure Game

Sniper 3D Assassin

This Android Adventure game is #1 most sniper Android games than any other sniper games. In this popular Android Adventure game 2019 you can fight against the global war on crime. This Android game has ultra realistic 3D graphics, cool animation and one of the most addictive sniper Android games.

Download NowHungry Shark Evolution Android Adventure Game

Hungry Shark Evolution

This Aquatic Android Adventure game related with Hungry Shark who eats peoples and any other things that coming in the way. This popular Android Adventure game contains 11 various Sharks, 70+ missions, Intuitive touch, 3D graphics etc. This Android game is most extremely Addictive and elegant graphics Adventure game.

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Ice Age Android Adventure Game

Ice Age Adventures

This Adventure Android game related with snowy islands and treacherous lush lands. In this Android game for Adventure you have defeat every hurdles and threatening forces and found the missing animal heard. In this popular Android Adventure game you can save the animals. This Adventure Android game has amazing 3D graphics and fun animations characters.

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Above you can get top most popular Android Adventure games for Android Smart phone and tablet. Which of the above best Android Adventure games should you prefer most for play? If you have known other marvelous Adventure Android games 2019 then please comment below.

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