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Cheapest Black Friday Deals USA

Google Pixel 2 Cheapest black Friday deals USA 2017

Looking for the cheapest black Friday deals USA 2020? Here you can see top best black Friday 2020 USA deals for android phone, android tablets, iPhone X, laptop, gaming PC, Smartphones, drones, Apple MacBook Pro, DSLR Camera, NVIDHILD accessories, Xbox One & Play station games, 2-in-1 laptop, 4K ultra HD …

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How to Stop Background Apps Using Data on Pixel 5

How to Restrict Apps from Using Data on Google Pixel 5

Do you want to restrict certain apps from using data on your stock Android OS? Here’s how to stop background apps using data on Google Pixel 5. By default enable usage of mobile data in the background in apps on your Android or Samsung devices. You can check app data …

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How to Turn On Reading Mode On OnePlus 5T/OnePlus 5

Enable reading mode on OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 has introduced a new feature called Reading mode. This OxygenOS feature is best for reading eBooks with more enjoy, effective screen and without eye strain. By default turned off reading mode on OnePlus 5T/5. Here’s how to enable reading mode on OnePlus 5T or OnePlus 5 device. You …

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How to Use OnePlus 5T Quick Gestures

How to use gestures on OnePlus 5T

To use quick gestures on OnePlus 5T, make sure to enable gestures you want to use in your device. You can find quick gestures on OnePlus 5T under the buttons & gestures settings. OnePlus 5T quick gestures include flip to mute a call, three-finger screenshot, double-tap to wake, music control, …

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