How to Set a Dual SIM Android Phone

How to manage dual SIM android 7.0 nougat

Do u know how to set up your dual SIM android phone? If not then don’t worry, we can help you to manage dual SIM on android phone including mobile data, roaming, set default SIM, activate dual SIM and more settings. You can set SIM preferences, Automatic SIM selection, Personal …

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How to Enable Show CPU Usage on Android Nougat 7.1.2

Enable show CPU usage nougat

Show CPU usage on Android screen only when enabling developer option in android nougat 7.0 & 7.1. When turning on Android 7 show CPU usage, screen overlay showing the current CPU usage on the top of the screen which looks like It’s easy to enable show CPU usage nougat …

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How to Download Your Own YouTube Videos on Android

download your video from YouTube on PC

Want to download your own video from YouTube? Here’s how to download videos you’ve uploaded on your YouTube channel on Android devices. You can easily download your own YouTube videos as MP4 on Android using video manager. Download high-resolution YouTube videos using a video manager in android devices. In the …

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How to Fix Google Play Store Error 919 Code

fix Google Play Store error 919

Error 919 in Google Play Store during application install on your android devices. When this error generated, show the message of “Unknown error code during application install: 919”. Various users reported this error code 919 occur while update or installing the app in android phone or tablet device. One of …

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Fix OK Google Not Working Android

Fix OK Google Not Working On Android

How to fix OK Google isn’t working issue. Use OK Google in your android device to talk with your Google Assistant that recognizes your voice when you say “OK Google” in your android device. You can use “trusted voice” Ok Google feature that unlocks your android phone when you’re using …

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