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How to Turn On Extreme Battery Saver on Pixel 6 Pro

Here’s how to turn on extreme battery saver on Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6. You can use extreme battery saver feature to extend battery life in your Google Pixel 6 Pro that turn off battery draining features like a hotspot, some network connections, background activity, etc. Make sure to …

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How to Set Up Fingerprint on Google Pixel 6 Pro

Here’s how to set up fingerprint on Google Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is an under-display fingerprint sensor. You can quickly unlock your Pixel device using add fingerprints and signing in to apps. Add up to 5 fingerprints on your Pixel devices. You …

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How to Change the Ringtone on Google Pixel 6 Pro

Do you want to change ringtone on your Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro and other Pixel Smartphones? Here’s how to change the ringtone on Google Pixel 6 Pro. You can set custom ringtone on Pixel 6 Pro from mp3 song, downloaded ringtone, and other phone audio files on your device. Also, …

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