How to change font settings in windows 7

Change default Windows 7 font settings? It’s easy to change font settings in Windows 7 including font size, windows font style and adjust ClearType text for LCDs such as Pocket PC screens, laptop screens, and flat-panel monitors. This ClearType font looks almost as sharp and clear on your Windows computer …

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Best 4K TV 2020

Samsung best 4K TV 2019 deals

Currently, the best in TVs is the 4K and UHD, gone are those days when picture clarity is 1080P only, nowadays the best 4K TVs 2020 available for your true to life experience. Which is the compulsory thing in any home in entertainment’s products?? All can say easily it’s a …

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Android phone dropping call issue: How to fix

Android phone dropping call issue

Annoying from dropping calls when talking with someone on a phone call? Most of this entire Android phone dropping call issue occurs due to poor network signal. Various Android devices are this drop phone call problem such as Samsung Galaxy S7 / S6 / S5, Moto G4 Plus, Galaxy Note …

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Best Smart speakers 2020

Harman Kardon voice activated best smart speakers 2019

Make your life smart and rocking by best smart speakers 2020 deals and decor your home with high-power performer of music speaker. Are you a music lover as well as technofreak with smart gadgets? So, all in one smart speaker are becoming beats of the universe. They all are with …

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