Google pixel XL battery drain problem: How to fix

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Annoying of quickly drain battery on Google pixel and Pixel XL phone? Let see how to extend battery life on Google pixel & pixel XL device. There are various reasons to fast battery drain issue such as background apps, unnecessary files, phone or app updates, live wallpaper and more. To fix Google pixel XL battery drain problem, you can turn on battery saver mode and use Doze mode on your Nougat 7.0 & 7.1 devices.

Always keep your device at cool place, a hot place is faster drain battery and sometimes damage your phone battery. Also remove unused accounts and disable high drain features such as USB tethering & Hotspot. Try below given troubleshooting steps to fix Google pixel XL battery drain problem.

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Quickly tips to fix Google pixel XL battery drain problem / Pixel XL battery life issue

Let see some of the basic solutions to save battery life on your Google pixel & pixel XL phone.

1st Way: Minimum screen display time


Set 15 seconds / 30 seconds to turn off screen display. It reduces battery drain on your nougat 7.0 & 7.1.

Screen display timeoput to save battery pixel phone

Settings > Device > Display > Sleep > 15 seconds / 30 Seconds

2nd Way: Screen Brightness

Set screen brightness pixel phone

Set lower screen brightness to save battery on your device.

3rd Way: Disable live wallpaper

If set live wallpaper on your phone, disable it.

4th Way: Turn on battery optimization for all apps

Settings > Device > Apps > Tap app > Optimize

If quickly drain battery on pixel & pixel XL phone or tablets, check background apps settings and stop unnecessary apps. First of all check which apps use the highest battery on your phone.

Google pixel XL battery drain problem

Settings > Battery > Tap on App to view details

Stop unnecessary apps from your device. After force stop, all background services stop and save battery on your pixel device.

To force stop apps:

Settings > Apps > Tap on any app want to force stop > Force stop > OK

5th Way: Check your device System updates and app updates

Check any system update is available that improve some bug on your phone. It may be fix your Google pixel XL battery drain problem.

Settings > about phone > System updates

Also check any app updates:

Google Play Store > Three horizontal line > my apps & games > Update / Update all

If still you have battery life issue on your Google pixel and pixel XL phone, try below step.

6th Way: Factory reset your pixel & pixel XL phone

Reset pixel phone or tablet

Settings > Personal > Backup & reset > factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything

I hope above given solutions fix Google pixel XL battery drain problem. If you have known other tricks to extend battery life of pixel phone, please share with us. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social network.

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