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Windows 7

How to change screen resolution windows 7

Set or change screen resolution Windows 7 PC / laptop. To looks clean words, icons, images and other document on your Windows 7 desktop, you can adjust screen resolution with your Windows screen. If you are regular use computer then adjust screen resolution to feel comfortable and easily work without …

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How to change font settings in windows 7

Change default font settings on Window 7. It’s easy to change font settings in Windows 7 including font size, windows font style and adjust ClearType text for LCDs such as Pocket PC screens, laptop screens and flat panel monitors. This ClearType font looks almost as sharp and clear on your …

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How to turn off auto update in Windows 7

Let see the simple steps to turn off auto update in Windows 7 or Windows PC. When internet is turn on in our Windows PC, it can automatically check for Windows updates and install them using your selected Windows Settings options. You have four options to choose Windows update settings …

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