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OnePlus 6T

How to Change the Accent Color in OnePlus 6T

How to change accent color in OnePlus 6T

Here’s how to change the accent color in OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS. Changing the accent color will change the color in text, quick settings tiles icons, app shortcuts text, volume indicator, and more settings in your device. You’ll set your favorite color to look you’d like. Also, create your own …

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How to Hide Notch in OnePlus 6T

How to hide the Notch area in OnePlus 6T

By default show the notch in OnePlus 6T devices. OnePlus 6T device is waterdrop type notch at the top middle of the screen. You can show/hide the notch on OnePlus 6T under display settings. When enabling OnePlus 6T notch, allow apps to use the notch area and when to disable …

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How to Use Parallel Apps OnePlus 6T

How to use parallel apps OnePlus 6T

Want to use two WhatsApp accounts on OnePlus 6T Oxygen OS? You need to enable parallel apps on OnePlus 6T. You can use two Facebook accounts at the same time on OnePlus 6T using parallel apps. This OnePlus 6T parallel apps feature is useful to use two social media accounts …

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