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How to change facebook email address android

Delete or change facebook email address android phone or tablet device. You can set email address as primary contact on your facebook account. Also add another email or mobile number in your account and remove facebook email address from your account. On your facebook account also allows your friends to …

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How to enable interaction control marshmallow

Enable interaction control marshmallow device under accessibility settings. Interaction control customizes touch interaction areas, hardkey functions and keyboard. With interaction control, you can block areas of the screen from touch interaction. When this interaction control feature is turned on, auto rotate screen will be turned off. All calls, some app …

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How to enable smart alert android phone

Enable smart alert android phone. After enable smart alert feature on your android phone, your device will vibrate when you pick up to notify you about all missed calls and messages. This smart alert feature available on marshmallow (android 6.0), updated lollipop to marshmallow device such as Samsung galaxy S7 …

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