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Best Android wear launcher apps

Best android wear launcher apps

Looking for the best android wear launcher apps 2018? Here’s the list of best launcher apps for android wear such as wear mini launcher, Apollo wear launcher, bubble launcher, wear shortcut launcher and more. Using these launcher apps, you can set ringtones & notifications, switch on / off mobile Wi-Fi, …

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Android wear fitness apps 2016: Best reviews

Track your daily routine activity and fitness level on your android wear watch or smartphones. Here’s the list of best android wear fitness apps that track your daily workout, calculate calories you burn, track progress report, practice various fitness exercises with picture, health & nutrition tips and other fitness tricks. These …

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Best android wear apps 2016

See the list of best android wear apps 2018 including Instaweather, Instawear, Find my phone, Evernote, wear mini launcher, wear camera remote and other useful apps for your daily activity. These all android wear smartwatches have elegant design, stylish and different kind of shape. You can surfing net, share information, …

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6 best music apps for android wear

Here you can download free android wear apps for music which are best for control volume, Voice command, search or browse playlist, rate songs or music, download music, manage media files, song title & artist details and other music related information. These all music apps for android wear are also …

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