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Best VR Headset for PC in 2023

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by Bestusefultips

Virtual Reality headsets are head-mounted devices that provide virtual reality for VR games, simulators, or training purposes. These might require a high-spec PC. Generally, they can sense your motion in two methods: 1) inside-out motion sensors in the headset itself, but they can be less responsive, and 2) lighthouse tracking, which can be more accurate but cable messy. It is recommended to have a frequency rate higher than 90 Hz. Do you want to buy the best VR Headset for PC in 2023?

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Top 7 Best VR Headset 2023 Deals

Best Budget VR Headset for PC: Oculus Quest 2

Best budget vr headset for PC Oculus Quest 2

Improved 1832 × 1920 pixels per eye video quality, powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon XR-2 SoC for powerful and immersive performance. It can be connected to your desktop via USB or Wi-Fi. Adaptive fresh rate between 60 Hz, 90 Hz, and 120 Hz. It provides 6 Ram with 128 GB or 256 GB memory options. The field of view is 100 degrees.

Best VR Headset for Steam: HTC Vive Pro 2

Best VR headset for steam HTC Vive Pro 2

It can provide 5K resolution with 120 degrees of view and 120 Hz. It comes with integrated Hi-res headphones, which can deliver 3D spatial sound. Balanced construction offers better comfort for lengthy sessions. SteamVR tracking system tracks your movement in a 10×10 meter area. It can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth or USB Type-C port.

Best Buy VR Headset: HP Reverb G2

Best buy VR headset HP Reverb G2

Each eye provides a 2160p LCD with a 90 Hz refresh rate. It has a full 115 degrees of view. It has four tracking cameras for more effortless movement, Headphones provide immersive spatial audio, and it is compatible with steam VR and windows mixed reality.

Best VR Headset for PC Games: Pimax Vision 8K X

Best VR headset for PC games Pimax Vision 8K X

Provides the highest LCD resolution of 3840×2160 per eye with a 90 Hz refresh rate and 200 degrees of FOV. 40 mm HD driver unit allows strong bass response and quality enhancers. Extremely comfortable to wear with more giant cushions, flexible material, and an adjustable lens.

Best Cheap VR Headset for PC: Oculus Rift S

Best Cheap VR Headset for PC Oculus Rift S

Offers 1,280 × 1,440 resolution per eye with 80 Hz refresh rate and 110 degrees of FOV. It is connected to a PC via a USB cable. It uses inside-out tracking so that you can avoid cable mess.

Valve Index

Valve Index

It has a 2880 × 1600 resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate and 130 degrees of FOV. The best headphones hover over your ears to provide the best three-dimensional surround sound, thus no pressure on your ears. You have to place two base sensors around the play area.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Best VR Headset for PC

It is a lighthouse tracking-based VR with 160 sq. feet of play space. It has a 2880 × 1700 combined Pixel resolution with its LCD panels. It has foam padding and a flip-up display for user convenience. Comes with six months of Vive port infinity subscription for lots of games and stuff.

And that’s all. Which VR Headset do you like? Tell us in the comments below. Stay and connect with us for the latest updates.


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