Best Android browser apps 2016

Let see the list of best android browser apps 2018 for your android phone or tablet. Perfect android apps to quickly search web page, bookmarks favorite sites, sync from desktop, phone or laptop device, voice search, ad-blocker and other great features.

Most popular browser apps for android phone or tablet such as Dolphin, CM, Firefox, UC, Opera, Yolo and other great android browser 2018. Below you can download free android browser apps 2018.

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5 best android browser apps 2018

UC Browser

UC browser apps for android phone

#1 best android browser app for your device. Perfect to compresses data, speed up navigation, watching movies and TV series, increase the internet speed, adblock, night mode, faster downloading and other great features. This android app for browser won the 3 awards of best android browser.

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Dolphin browser

Dolphin android browser apps 2016

Most popular android browsing app that contains features such as multiple tabs bar, flash player, Adblock, bookmarks & add-ons sidebar, easily sync history, bookmarks & passwords, clean UI and fast navigation etc. You can easily switch personalize search, faster download and flash player for gaming and video experience.

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CM browser

CM Browser app for android phone

This browser app is perfect to protect your device from threats, speedy browser surfing, running smoothly, easily switching to access desktop sites etc. You can also personalized bookmarks, page translator, text search, font size adjustment and more. This is one of the best android browser apps 2017.

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Chrome browser

Chrome Browser app for android phone

This faster browsing android app is best to reduce mobile data usage, sync bookmarks from phone, tablet or laptop, Google voice search, easily read in any language, quickly shift side to side tabs and use incognito mode to browse without saving history.

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Firefox browser

Firefox browser for android phone

This browser app for android phone or tablet is best to easily access most of all sites, open several tabs at a time & easily operate, sync your account from phones, tablets or laptop devices, access shortcuts to search, ad blockers, block the harmful web pages etc.

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Above you can see the best android browser apps 2018. Which of the above android apps for browsing should you prefer most for easy & speedy surfing net? Share with us in below comment box.

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