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7 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android 2020

Last Updated on March 7, 2021 by Bestusefultips

Looking for the best free alarm apps for heavy sleepers? Here is the list of top 7 best alarm clock apps for Android in 2020. You can create many alarms, tracking sleep time, set your favorite music as alarm, snooze & stopwatch, and more. Each alarm app has different settings to set alarm & repeat daily or weekly, weather information, auto-snooze, Nightstand mode, and other great features. Some of the android alarm clocks have stylish and attractive looks and work both portrait & landscape modes in your device.

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7 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android Users

If you can’t wake up early morning then you should try one of the below-given alarm apps to get you out of bed.

Alarm clock Xtreme free

Alarm clock xtreme free app for android

A perfect app for the alarm clock to set many morning alarms you want with different time snooze length in your android device. Also useful to solve math problems, set maximum number of snoozes, set countdown timer, random song alarm, set music alarm, and more. Use a stopwatch to track split/lap times and total times down to 1/100 second.


Alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Alarm clock app for heavy sleepers

This is perfect for heavy sleepers or deep sleepers. You can set alarm daily or weekly with repeat, set intervals, and countdown alarms. Set your favorite music in real-time weather details, adjust snooze time, restrict alarms to locations, and integrate calendar. Also include various challenges for heavy sleepers such as Math problems, Captcha, Barcode or QR code, and more.


Speaking Alarm Clock

speaking alarm clock app android

This app includes Text-to-speech option to know current time without looking your android phone or tablet. Set separated wake-up times with automatically volume lowest to the highest level. Also use count down snooze, set alarms with different voices, low or full battery warning, etc. You can set various puzzles to lock to stop alarm in your devices such as math problem, barcode, number sequence, captcha, and more.



best alarm clock apps for android phone

You can set various alarm, add timers and use stopwatch using this Google clock app. Track the world time using world clock and pair with android wear devices to set alarms & timers. In this app setting, you can set clock style as analog or digital, set alarm snooze length, screen saver and set timer sound and enable/disable timer vibrate.


Alarmy (Sleep if u can) – Alarm

android Alarm clock app

This app includes shake mode, photo mode, math problem mode, barcode mode, and others. Set your favorite theme to alarm clock, see latest weather and news updates, and check your sleeping history also.


I can’t wake up! Alarm clock


I can't wake up alarm clock app for android

You can set multiple alarms, snooze time with your favorite music, and set count downtime. If you can’t wake up early times then try math problems, shake phone until feel awake, match word pairs or Captcha, scan barcode, and other activity.


Alarm Clock

Alarm clock android app

This app includes 4 stylish designer clocks including analog dark, digital dark, analog light and digital light. You can set maximum alarms & timers, set lock screen widgets, wake up with your favorite music, nightstand clock and other great feature. Also, include 3 types of notifications including the next alarm, missed alarm, and active alarm.


End the list of best alarm clock apps for android phone or tablet devices. Hope you have liked one of the above-given Android apps for alarm clock.

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