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7 Best Android Speaker Docks 2020

Last Updated on June 20, 2020 by Bestusefultips

Here is the list of best android speaker docks 2020 including Bluetooth, remote control, clock, and subwoofer. Using these speaker docks for android, you can sync music between android phone & PC, listening internet radio stations, charges your devices, set multiple alarms, and other useful features.

You can also see the best deals on android docks online Amazon, Walmart, Best buy, Argos, Currys, and other online stores. Below you can buy the best speaker docks 2020 for your android smartphones and tablets.

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7 Best Speaker Docks For Android 2020

iLuv MobiAir Bluetooth speaker dock for androidiLuv MobiAir

This Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Dock is best for listening to music from smartphones or other Bluetooth devices. This android dock speaker is easily adjusting the phone in the dock in landscape and portrait mode. You can also watch movies, videos, play games while you’re smartphone is docked.


  • Powerful amplifiers
  • Micro USB for chargers
  • MyBot Arms for secure your smartphone
  • Built-in Hands-free speakerphone

For the USA: Buy Now $39

For the UK: Buy Now

For India: Buy Now

Hale Dreamer alarm clock speaker dock for androidHale Dreamer Speaker dock 2020

It contains a charging dock, all in one alarm clock, speakerphone, sleep machine, and smart notification manager. This speaker dock for android is best for automatically & silently sends an SMS if a call is important.


  • Clear sound quality
  • Streaming music, audiobooks & internet radio
  • Customizable alarm options

For the USA: Buy Now $107.95

For the UK: Buy Now

For India: Buy Now

Philips Android speaker docksPhilips Docking Station 2020

This android dock speaker 2020 contains 2 built-in speakers with crystal clear audio sound, sync music between phone and PC, set multiple music alarm, and gives the latest weather reports. You can also browse all your favorite songs, listen to internet radio stations, and share with friends. This Bluetooth speaker dock is one of the best Philips android speaker docks.


  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming
  • Sleek & scooped design
  • Multiple connections

For the USA: Buy Now $ 139.63

KMASHI speaker dock for androidKmashi: Bluetooth speaker charging dock 2020

This android charging dock is best for audio reproduction with high-level quality bass response. It supports all smartphones and tablets for playing music and media with dual speakers.


  • Charge via USB Port
  • High fidelity & versatile audio system
  • Built-in Bluetooth

For the UK: Buy Now

Sharper image speaker dock for androidSharper Image

High fidelity audio with Integrated Bluetooth technology, play your favorite music, powerful speaker, music docking station & built-in FM radio with voice prompts.


  • Compatible with all devices
  • USB port charger
  • Elegant LED lights
  • Crystal clear speakers

For the USA: Buy Now $89.96

For the UK: Buy Now

LuguLake speaker dock for androidLuguLake

High clarity sound, micro USB charging cable, portable Bluetooth speaker, stream movies and games anytime & anywhere, sound with bass, audio cable.


  • Audio port for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Compatible with any devices
  • Solid & durable cradle

For the USA: Buy Now $24.99

For the UK: Buy Now


Philips speaker dock for androidPhilips docking station 2020 deals

This android speaker dock contains Universal charging and audio cable, Bluetooth with wireless music streaming, built-in microphone, FM digital tuning, dual alarm, portable music playback, and more.


  • Sleep timer
  • Charge your Smartphone
  • Compatible with any devices

For the USA: Buy Now $55.92

Above you can get the best android speaker docks for android smartphones and tablets. Which of the above best 2020 speaker docs for android should you buy? If I have forgotten any best speaker dock for the android phone then please comment below.

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